Stay Strong Korea.

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Title: 140417 푸른밤
Artist: jonghyun
Album: cred@ suncheonboy
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(~ ̄▽ ̄)~~( ̄▽ ̄~)

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dem body o<-<

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Kibum’s reaction when he dropped his bag. 

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[04/08] 25 Jonghyuns for Jonghyun’s 25th!~♥

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08th of April of 1990, a little star was born

KIM JONGHYUN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! oh boy, it isn’t exactly your birthday here, you know, but i’m still so excited about it!! i hope you are too, of course. i hope you are jumping around, receiving huge amounts of hugs and smooches because you like smooches and you would probably end up with cute little red cheeks, and god damn who doesn’t think that that would look adorable! well but back to the point, you deserve that, that and so so much more.. you’re a star. a little star that even though isn’t the largest in the universe, it is the brightest. it’s the kind that gives and doesn’t need to take away to survive. this little star won’t turn into hole of darkness and consumption, this little start will shine even after decease. because said sphere of light has been written down in palms, lips and the night skies. Jonghyun, you will live forever because great men, like you, men that fire up the confusion on one’s heart, because perfection is not supposed to be real, are the ones that live on. you are the personification of the most gorgeous emotions, you are emotion itself, you are blue and you are light. people tell me i tend to romanticize the ones i love but even if my words are exaggerated, i think you’d still break the scale of decency and honesty that a human is capable of owning.

I truly wish that people are loving you the way you deserve, that you still care, that you are just happy and you will always do whatever you want to do, or be, to achieve that. never be afraid because we will always love you and support you!

Thank you, Kim Jonghyun and, Happy Birthday! ♡

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5/? B&W → Colour Edits
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D - 6  → Pastel green

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